River of Iron: Pouring the Mississippi

Rivers are the lifeblood of landscape, as necessary to a healthy environment as iron is within our bloodstream. River of Iron: Pouring the Mississippi focuses on the importance of the Mississippi watershed within our lives. From its headwaters in Lake Itasca, to its delta in Louisiana, the Mississippi stretches from the Western Rockies to the Appalachian mountains in the East. The great tributaries of the Mississippi including the Yellowstone, Missouri and Platte Rivers in the West, the Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee in the East, and the Red River and Arkansas in the South were cast river by river throughout the night of Northern Spark, beginning at the mouth of the Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico.

Forecast Public Art, Artist Interview: Produced by Nicole Brending

River of Iron

Poured at the foot of the Weisman Art Museum next to the Mississippi River, this project was funded by a McKnight Public Artist Professional Development Grant/Forecast Public Art and an Imagine Fund Special Event Award/ University of Minnesota.

Additional support from the Weisman Art Museum, Franconia Sculpture Park, University of Minnesota Art Department and Foundry, Steve Brunsberg and St. Paul Neighborhood Network, Northernlights.org, XYZ Lab and U-Spatial/ University of Minnesota and Nelson Minar.

River of Iron

Iron artists and assistants included local and regional sculptors specializing in cast iron process and graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota including, Aaron Becker, Jim Brenner, Keegan Buffington, Meagan Daus, Corey Devorak, David Everett, Paul Gill, Veronica Glidden, Skye Goedert, Chris Groth, John Hock, Jeff Kalstrom, Scott Kamlah, Will Lakey, Samantha Leopold-Sullivan, Brighton McCormick, Deetle Nelson, Jane Powers, Cassie Rebman, Dawn Schott-Klotzbach, Marie Schrobilgen, Woody Stauffer, Amber White, and Bobby Zokaites.

River of Iron

Dedicated to my husband, Maris Strautmanis.

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River of Iron